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Through its projects…

UN Youth Association of Romania promotes UN valuest to the society and sustains the youth development to an academic field. Our projects can have from 30 to 300 participants and, until now, we have united youth from all around the world. Despite its relatively short history, the UN Youth Association of Romania has an impressive number of projects developed or on-going, such as:

BISMUN Conference

Bucharest International Student Model United Nations Conference 2017 is an academic simulation of several bodies of the United Nations and the North Atlantic Council, held in English and organized by the UN Youth Association of Romania.
UN committees simulations, known as "Model United Nations" have a long tradition in numerous prestigious universities across the globe, being recognized as important forums for debate due to their ability to provide viable solutions to current issues on the international agenda, but also due to their ability to provide alternative answers to difficult historical situations within the global political arena.
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Academic Conference

This year’s edition of the UN Youth Academic Conference took place between 6-8 November in Bucharest and it consisted in discussions aiming to answer the question “What challenges does UN face in 2015?”. After 70 years since the UN Charter has been signed arises the need to reflect upon all the events that have passed. UN Youth Romania believes that it is vital to meditate profoundly upon the challenges that UN has to confront in the present world.
June 26th (1945) represents the conceiving of the UN system by constituting the main pillars of action: peace and security, international development and human rights.
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MOOT Courts

The UN Youth Moot Courts is an academic simulation of the juridical procedures in front of the international courts, held in English and organized by the UN Youth Association of Romania in cooperation with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung – Rule of Law Program South East Europe. Being one of the most important projects of the association, its purpose is to give to the participants the opportunity to apply their knowledge of International law, European Union law and Human Rights. The competition is also a forum for students to acquire practical experience on how to prepare and present legal arguments and how to debate current legal and social issues.
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Summer School on Diplomacy

The UN Youth Summer School on Diplomacy is an educational programme that provides a unique space for learning and networking for students from Romania and their peers from all around the world. Here, distinguished speakers will contribute through diverse perspectives and experiences towards a better understanding of the topics covered, encouraging new thinking and inspiring debates.
The programme comprises lectures, debates and workshops that discuss the various economic, political, social and cultural challenges.
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